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What is Mahlia Hair Extension

It has been a practice that if you’ve don a short hair for a while and want to instantly change your hairstyle, you either use a wig or get hair extensions. The former may be a bit too obvious sometimes that it is not your real hair and there is a need for you to hide the real one to not see the difference. The latter would actually be meticulously glued to the tips of your hair, and not give you the liberty to remove them on short notice because you may not get your money’s worth in a short time.

Clip-in hair extensions change how your hair looks in just minutes. They offer a simple and effective way to enhance your style instantly with no fuss about the attachment of any hair sets to the tips. You can also blend them in with your real hair.

Features of Mahlia Clip-In Hair Extensions

Mahlia clip-in hair extensions are produced using hair sourced by the unique Remy process. Our hair extensions are then hand sorted and aligned to ensure the cuticles all lie the same way. This minimizes any tangling or matting through your daily routine, thus extending their lifespan.

All Mahlia extensions are salon quality and double-wefted to ensure uniform thickness and strength. They also feature easy to use silicon backed clips to provide a stronger hold and secure grip without damaging your natural hair. Our human hair extensions offer a way to seamlessly add body and length instantly to your existing locks.

Mahlia’s 100% human hair extensions come in a gorgeous range of 12 vibrant colours to suit anyone and everyone. Remember all our Mahlia products can be tinted to match your natural shade if you need them.


Why Use Clip-In Hair Extensions? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

For most who want to change their hairstyle impromptu or a big day has come up and can’t wait to have them locks grow long, clip-in hair extensions are the answer.

Clip-in hair extensions are essentially useful for those looking for different looks that fit lengthy hair but have donned the short hair for some time now, without the weight and the unnecessary discomfort of having long hair when it is hot outside.

Available clip-in hair extensions in the market are easy to use and reusable can be styled and looks very natural just like normal hair.

Shops offer clip-in hair extensions in a variety of colors and lengths to suit one’s needs for styling.

Using your Mahlia Clip-In Hair Extensions

Mahlia Clip-in extensions are designed for short-term, temporary use. Just like all fashion accessories, the more use the lower the life. However, looking after them correctly can lengthen life and make your extensions last much longer.

See Mahlia Care Instructions Page for more details.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of clip-in hair extensions differ according to the type of hair extension that suits your need. It is important to note that buying one will surely give you the glorious feel you desire, thus giving you greater satisfaction when wearing it. The convenience it gives when being attached to your hair is worth and the quality material it is made of, is worth every dollar spent. Best price guaranteed for Mahlia hair extension products!


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Mahlia Hair Extension Australia was designed for transforming your hair in an instant. We were born of love, with love and we hope you enjoy your mahlia hair extension.