Mahlia clip in extensions are designed for short term, temporary use. Just like all fashion accessories, the more use the lower the life. However looking after them correctly can lengthen the life and make your extensions last much longer.

Here Are Our Tips for Longer Lasting Mahlia

(1) Remove clip in extensions before sleeping or showering and leave hair in its plastic sleeve to protect from outside conditions.

(2) Clip in Hair extensions can tangle and matte up due to conditions such as weather (humidity, wind conditions), product build up and lack of brushing.

(3) Do not wash your extensions every day, use sulphate free products when washing and only wash hair when there is visible product build up.

(4) Brush from the ends down 1st and working your way up . Brush your hair 2 times a day with a soft padded brush, loop bristles allow brushing without causing any damage or breakage.

(5) Continuous use of heat tools (straightener, curler) will cause strands to dry up and snap overtime, use a light weight heat protector spray and protect your hair with a nourishing oil or serum.

(6) Hair should not come in contact with chlorine and saltwater.

(7) Colouring or Lightening hair extensions will dry the hair and will lower the life span of all extensions. We do recommend to do a test strand before the use any colours including purple shampoo and toners on Mahlia.

Note: Please be aware with purchase that if you colour or tone the hair we will not be liable for damage done and will not refund or exchange, colouring hair is at own risk.